The pet pillows can easily be made using 2 pillow sheets and some Water-Gel Crystal granules.  

One pillow sheet is used for making the pet pillow while the second is used as a pillow cover. 
        Using a second cover sheet makes washing and cleanup easier.

  1. Select pillow case sizes and sew them so that they fit your pets bedding.

  2. Refer to sample drawing below and create tubes by sewing and filling each tube with crystals.

  3. For a 2 inch wide by 7 inch long tubes, use about 1 teaspoon of medium crystal granules.  
    Adjust the amount of crystals you use to fit the size of your tubes and pillow.

  4. The completed pillow can be hand washed using mild soap and water.  Rinse thoroughly.

          - Hang up in open air and allow to completely dry before storing to prevent mildew and odor.

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 6 teaspoons of crystals is about 1 ounce


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Craft Instructions (patterns)



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