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          Each ounce of Insect WaterGel granules absorbs 1 gallon of water,
          swelling over 300-400 times in size

           providing a safe way to provide water to feeding insects,
          and it helps to reduce drowning

          Dry Granules, Size: 2k - 4k Microns  -   Available package size:  1 oz., 1 lb., 5 lbs. & 55* pounds




















Directions. . .

Add dry crystal granules to approximately five cups of water and leave
it to swell for about four hours, or overnight.
During this time the granules absorb the water and increase their weight
by about 400 times. The softer the water the more the gel swells.

Next, use a sieve to strain off the surplus water and allow the gelatinous
mass to dry for at least two hours.

This helps to avoid a build-up of water in the bottom of the dish
or container. Now put the gel into a container or watering dish.
If you are adding nutrients, calcium, vitamins, etc. always add
these items to the water prior to adding the dry crystal granules.

After allowing time for the granules to fully absorb the water,
pour off or remove any excess (non absorbed) water.

Removing the non-absorbed water will help prevent drowning.
To dispose of used crystals, pour crystals into flower beds or garden.
WaterGel is a non-toxic substance that will not harm your plants,
grass, soil, pets or insects.


Commercial Grade Super Absorbent Polymer Dry Granules

Insect WaterGel for feeder Insects

(Sodium salt of crosslinked polyacrylic acid)

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        *  55 lb. bags shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico,
            require special freight charges not included.

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