Products are normally shipped by our choice of shippers. 
For those orders whose product weight and packaging is less than 12 ounces are normally shipped
using the United States Postal Service (USPS) First-Class mail. 

All others are shipped using USPS Flat-Rate Priority 2-3 days (USA), U.P.S. 3-5 days ground shipping,
or FedEx Ground 3-5 days. 

For Larger orders that require freight delivery, we use whichever shipper can provide service to the
shipping location at the the most reasonable rate and as soon as possible usually 3-5 days (USA).

Most products are shipped from our Texas location.  Larger products (40 +> pounds) are normally
shipped from our main warehouse in North Carolina.

Shipments to Puerto Rico (PR), Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and overseas require special handling. 
To receive shipping to these areas, call 210-659-2710 (24/7).

Special requests for faster or overnight deliveries (phone sales only)

The charges incurred for special requests will be billed separately usually 1-2 days later after
the shippers' bill is received.  You will only be billed for the product when ordered. 

The special handling charges for special requests will be billed separately and charged to the same account used with original order.

We will attempt to provide you a reasonable estimate. 

Request for refunds for failure to perform proper delivery should be directed to the shipping company. 

We do not guarantee these services that are beyond our control.

Product Guarantee

Products shipped by us are 100% guaranteed to be delivered satisfactory except as described above under special requests. 

If your product is damaged beyond use, or lost in shipping, your product will be replaced. 
Notice of claim should be sent to us by mail, e-mail, fax or phone. 

Please include your invoice number or if purchased online the PayPal Transaction ID number. 
Please include your full name that was used on the order and the "shipped to" address, and date. 

Most problems can be resolved by a call to our sales number: 1-210-659-2710 (24/7)

To prevent delays always provide a phone number and a contact name at the shipping location. 
FedEx and UPS require a contact phone number or they may not deliver.

Payment confirmation and tracking information is provided my email, fax, or by text messaging
if this contact information is provided to us. 
We will not ask for this information, nor will we provide any of your personal information to others.


International, non-USA shipments
Prices and shipping fees shown throughout this web site are for USA sales and deliveries only. 
Non-USA orders should be called, emailed, text message or call for a quote to 210-381-0250. 

The actual shipping costs will be calculated for the shipping address you provide. 

Non-USA orders require a phone number at the address being shipped to and this phone number
is provided to your local (your country's) Customs Office. 

An invoice will be prepared and emailed back to you for your acceptance or rejection within 1 USA business day (M-F), except for U.S.A. holidays.

What we must have to complete an order Invoice to send to you:

    Your Name:

    Your email address:

    Your phone number:

    Your shipping address:

    List the items you wish to purchase, including quantity, size, colors, or blend size and any
    additional instructions or questions.

    Should we include insurance to cover any lost or damages during shipping? ... YES / NO.

Most orders are shipped on the same day order was received, (your country's) Customs Office may
add 5-15 day processing delay of which we have no control over.


Thank you for shopping with us, we will always attempt to make you satisfied with our products.

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Shipping Policies