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ABOUT 40 Series Polymers          

WaterGel Polymer crystal granules are made with commercial grade, high quality crosslinked polyacrylic acid.

WaterGel is made of environmentally safe polymer designed for all water loving house plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, flower gardens and lawns of all sizes.

Reduces watering frequency by up to 50% while increasing aeration, storing water and nutrients within the root zone maximizing time intervals between irrigation cycles.

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) does not cause soil to clump.  
It is the best choice for growing conditions for plants that require moist nutrient rich soil.

WaterGel is long lasting and reusable in the ground for up to 7-10 years.  Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic.

Protect your flowers and plants from heat and drought.   WaterGel Crystal granules swell about 400%
to retain water and release later to keep plants from drying out and making them live longer.

Easy to use - Just mix the WaterGel granules with your potting soil throughout the root zone.

Made in the U.S.A. - granules are Eco-Friendly and will not harm feeder insects that are vital to your plants.

COMMON USES for 40 Series Polymers


















   High free swell absorption capacity, very fast swelling, good gel strength, great for seed germination.
  Gardening, landscapes
  Cooling pads, hot pads, pet pillows, cool headbands and cool neckties
  Floral arrangements, candle displays, a water source for feeder and pets insects, hydroponics,
  and great for humidors. 
  High free swell absorption and great gel strength.

      A 1 ounce bag of medium blend or large blend dry polymer granules will make approximately 5 neck coolers,
       when using 1 teaspoon per each neck cooler. 

      A 1 pound bag of medium blend or large blend dry polymer granules will make approximately 100 neck coolers,
       when using 1 teaspoon per each neck cooler.


Mixing Instructions

Mix 1 ounce (3 Tablespoons) of the  crystals to 1 gallon of water

Result: The dry crystals will absorb the water and swell to 1 Gallon of wet gel crystals

While using distilled water will help reduce contamination,
It is not necessary for normal applications


2 tsp 3 cups
1 Tbl 6 cups
2 Tbl 12 cups
3 Tbl
(1 oz)
1 gallon
1 LB 16 gallons