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Application Rates

Application rates vary due to the type of soil, region and type of plant.  
Generally, clay soils require less polymer crystals and sandy soils require more.  
Arid regions and area subject to heat and drought require more polymer crystals.  

Wet, cool regions require less polymer crystals, however polymer crystals in these regions are very beneficial for planting on slopes.  All rates are an approximation and with experience the planter will determine the rates for their individual needs and conditions.  

When applying dry water absorbing polymer crystals, the main thing to remember is more isn't always better.  
The polymer crystal should be worked into the ground to provide equal distribution.  

Some polymer crystal users have been known to plant annuals on top of an ample amount of polymer without working it into the soil,
and after the first rain, find the plant out of the ground and a large lump of jello-like substance (hydrated polymer crystal gel) in its' place.  

If hydrated polymer crystal gel is allowed to remain above the ground, sunlight will hasten the breakdown
to its primary elements of carbon dioxide, ammonia, and water.

When adding plant food, follow the manufactures instructions but always use in greatly reduced amounts.  
         Do not add plant food directly onto the gel polymer crystals without first diluting the plant food with distilled water.
                           DO NOT USE PLANT FOOD STICKS.

    Which Plants Are Suitable?
Plants which are less sensitive, many green plants, the majority of plants which are suitable for hydroponics,
      such as bamboo, palms, philodendrons, spider plants and etc. 
                                 DO NOT USE WITH CACTUS, SUCCULENTS OR ORCHIDS.

6 teaspoons of crystals = 1 ounce of dry Polymer Crystals

1/4 cup of crystals  = 2 oz. of dry Polymer Crystals

1 teaspoon (medium or large) crystals will absorb approximately 1 cup water

1 ounce of dry crystals will make a full gallon of WET Gel Crystals